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Last year Final Presentations

Hey guys!

So I never got around to show you how my final presentation for Dujiangyan looked. It was a crazy end of the semester/year and that craziness has stayed over this past month.

The process for this project made me realize how much I had learned the past year and how comfortable I felt dealing with a new site that had little to do with anything I had ever done. It came much more natural to me the whole process, from the analysis to the individual design to creating the final boards. It was a great feeling 😊

There were two full days of presentations in the Full Scale Lab with two students presenting simultaneously (we were a very big group) with 3 guest juries, most of whom had already being giving feedback during our mid- term reviews, so they saw all the process we went through.

I was very proud of my final hand-in, of course there is always room for improvement, but considering the time we had to work with it, I was very happy with the result.

Once the presentations were over, we had a final wrap-up in which there were some final words from our professors and the whole group took the opportunity to thank them for their help and give them a little present.

11 February, 2019

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