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Last Days of Summer

Hey hey!

For all of us summer will be soon coming to a close. That means a return to Sweden for me, and for new arrivals hopefully an exciting new start! I’ve been at home in Scotland for summer lazing with my cat, seeing friends, turning 25 and obtaining my Chinese visa for the SUDes class trip. I will now fly off to Italy for a week to visit exchange student friends I met in SUDes on my way back to Sweden. The exciting life of an international student!

Sjön Sjön – this absolute stunner is waiting for you at LTH.

This time last year, I was deep in housing applications as I’m sure most of you are. I ended up having to live with a super nice suburban family until my AFB lease started in September 2016, which I guess means I was super lucky, as some people arrive without anything sorted. The stress of a lack of housing meant that I was like an unhinged person with spreadsheets for AF queues and various other documents and info floating around. I stress naturally over everything (just ask my studio mates) and I will say this now – it is very important amongst all of this to take a step back and remember that even as preparations to move are crazy, you did it. You got in, you won, you’re going to LU. That’s a big deal. You are, therefore, amazing. Granted, keep working hard if you are still homeless, but for real be excited for your new adventures and new friends and enjoy your last few days of pre-Lund life. I look forward to welcoming you guys to the SUDes family!

Joe x

31 July, 2017

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  1. Helene von Wachenfelt

    Really great post Joe!! Enjoy Italy!

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