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Kanelbullens Dag- An October Special

October 4 is approaching in the Swedish calendar and it is a special day celebrated here for an equally delicious food. The ‘Kanelbullar’ or Cinnamon Bun  as it is fondly called, has it’s origin way back in the 1920s from the world war period. Since then it gained popularity as a dessert and fika food and is now celebrated as an unofficial holiday.
The kanels come in different sizes in different parts of Sweden with the largest one baked in Gothenburg called the ‘hagabullar’ meaning ‘queen of the kitchen’. However, I would say that the tiniest ones found in local bakery shops are also equally tasty.

My tryst with kanelbullars happened during the first month in Sweden when we had gone on an excursion to Kullaberg from our Lund University LTH faculty as an orientation week programme. While returning we dropped into a café named ‘Flickorna Lundgren’ in Mölle. We were served with some unbelievably delicious kanelbullars in our fika which, to me, are the best kanels I have ever had till now.

This traditional food will soon turn a 100 years old in Swedish culture and I feel equally optimistic about having more of it and will obviously make it a priority on my food list net week. For those who are in Sweden, I hope you like it as much as I do, and for the ones who will be coming soon, I would say, don’t miss this! 🙂

30 September, 2019

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