It’s beginning to look a lot like…the school year!

It’s the last weekend of August, which means programme orientations are in full swing and students are either getting settled in or heading back to Lund for another year of studies. Either way, this means the City of Lund is quickly coming back to life! Taken in the morning this past weekend, these photos below don’t show just how bustling and vibrant these streets were later on in the day. Still, scroll through for a couple views of central Lund as it reawakens for the start of the autumn term.

Here’s Lilla Fiskaregatan in the center, a narrow street full of cozy cafes and bakeries, as well as quaint shops and stores. Lots to explore here, with both eyes and tastebuds. Charming to walk through on a quiet weekend morning (as shown above), or on a bustling and vibrant Saturday afternoon, when everyone is out and about.

And here’s Stortorget, a large central square and plaza next to City Hall and Lunds Cathedral. Even rather early in the morning, you’ll note people already enjoying their coffee on the comfy, oversized benches lining the edge of the square. It’s an election year here in Sweden this 2018 (September 9th is just a few days away now). Look closely and you’ll see the backside of a row of booths with colourful banners, where all the major parties have been set up for the past few days to interact and talk with voters passing by.

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