Internships abroad

For some Masters programmes at LTH it is possible to spend some time abroad, for example for an internship or a semester at a foreign university. The majority of the students of the disaster risk management programme (DRMCCA) take advantage of this possibility, and will be spread all over the world from autumn on. Students go for example to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Fiji or Switzerland. I will spend four months with the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Panama. LTH and the single departments offer a great deal of support to find and organize a stay abroad.



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  1. HEEALS is a very young NGO/Charity with operational office in Gurgaon ,INDIA ,Looking for students for International Internship Program .
    Internship Project Abroad In “Water Sanitation Menstrual Hygiene And Girl Health & Education Project in schools ,orphanages ,refugee camps ,slums and in marginalise communities .
    Interested candidate can send their CV via Email at . More information

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