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Internship Q&A with DRMCCA Students (Part 1 – Introduction)

The optional internship course in the DRMCCA curriculum is a significant way through which the programme seeks to connect practical, on the ground experience to what we learn and explore in our academic courses. In addition to the valuable, real world perspectives that the DRMCCA faculty’s professional experiences offer in the classroom, studying the DRMCCA programme also means students have access to a world wide network of disaster risk management and climate change adaptation organizations, with whom professors are happy to help us connect with. Combined with the varying and interdisciplinary interests of DRMCCA students, this means that DRMCCA students have taken on internships with public, private, and non-governmental organizations worldwide. If you haven’t already, check out the recently created map that shows where DRMCCA students have interned!

For many prospective students, the available internship course is both exciting, and the source of many questions. Personally, I chose not not do an internship, and instead take the available GIS courses on campus, as those were skills I’ve been interested in learning for a long while. But while I can’t provide any first hand information on internship experiences, my classmates certainly can. Over the following weeks, I’ll be posting Q&A’s with DRMCCA classmates currently away doing internships. Stay tuned to the blog to read about the various internship experiences, insights, and challenges they share.

5 November, 2018

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