Internship at UNDP: 2/5 done

Exactly two months ago, I landed in Istanbul and started my internship at UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub. Two months…  And other three months are still on the way. meet colleagues from different Teams

Honestly speaking, my feelings are pretty much controversial. First, the Turkish language sets barriers, and if you don’t speak at least a little bit, you will oversee a lot of interesting things and miss nice people. At the same time, lack of local knowledge makes you more resistant to political issues and small talks on politics that you can hear almost everywhere – in cafes, in hammams, in offices, in public transport.

Secondly, local food differs significantly in comparison to Swedish one. My personal problem is the lack of good cheese in Istanbul. Funny, yeah? You can find everything in this amazing city, but it is a great challenge to buy GOOD cheese.

...enjoy Turkish tea instead of Swedish coffee)

Therefore, I miss Sweden much! Thirdly, since assignments I’ve dot from my supervisors in UNDP are very much connected to theoretical basis I’ve learnt during the 1st year DRMCCA Master’s programme, I have a strong feeling as if I’ve still been doing some LTH’s courses – Preparedness and Planning, Capacity Development, and Research Methodology. I visited National Disaster Public Early Warning Command/Control Center in Budapest, Hungary, and slides from some of presentations on Direction and Coordination in disaster management course came to life.

Command/Control Center, Budapest

Finally, I had an opportunity to participate in the workshop “Innovations in Disaster Risk Reduction” organised by UNDP and Central European University. The workshop highlighted recent advancements in use of the Information communication technologies for DRR and how these will empower decision-makers and citizens in playing a proactive role in managing disaster risks and providing more effective disaster response.

CEU SUN 2016 Certificate

I was happy to apply some GIS knowledge I had gained within the course “Urban and rural systems and sustainability”.

Participate in workshops

All in all, I do enjoy my life in Istanbul, and especially cats 🙂

and cats

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  1. 1 August, 2016 | 09:57 | Helene von Wachenfelt

    It seems as if you are enjoying yourself in spite of all that is going on. Great to hear!

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