IC Project – Analog path

Hey guys,

As I told you in the last post, I took the analog option for the Integrated Circuits project.

My partner and I chose to work  in the following manner: during the first month we worked on some background knowledge, reading a lot of research papers as well as datasheets about the technology we were to employ. Once that was done, we started organizing our circuit, in other words thinking about the blocks we thought we would need to design. The next step was to define the architecture of each block, and that’s when we started schematic set ups and simulations.

The challenge here is that everytime you add a block to your circuit you may need to resize some devices because of the load change. This step is what took us the most time.  Designing all the blocks and integrating them.

Once all the schematic simulations were done, we could start with the circuit layout. This part can be tricky since there are many design rules to be respected. The layout version also needs to be simulated in order to compare these results with the ideal case (schematics measurements).

A lot of time was spent in the lab to conclude this project but I have to say that this is the best way to learn how to explore Cadence, which is a very important and useful tool for us.

I hope this can shed a light on what you can expect from this course.


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