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I won a prize for the most Innovative Food Product Idea!!

I won a prize guys!! YAY!

One of the biggest projects in my master program was developing a new food product. The mission of 2018 that was given to class was developing “an Innovate Vegan Snack” with a high protein content and also sustainably produced. How challenging! isn’t it? The class was randomly divided into 4 different groups. Each group had to design not only a new vegan snack but a processing line of the product in a industry level. 

My group’s green vegan biscuits

After market analyses, my group realized a gap in the market for those who wants to have salty vegan snacks. Moreover, when you want to have snacks with great amount of protein after your work out, the only things you find are all sweet and usually non-vegan. Hence we decided to make a savoury vegan biscuit! Developing a recipe was very demanding since all group members were from different countries and had different tastes; Korea, Greece, Sweden, Iran, South Africa India, and Syria. We had spent thousands of time discussing and doing kitchen trials. Finally, we could come up with final recipe. The major ingredients are mushrooms and spirulina which are high in protein and have good amino acid profile. Both grows fast and requires little space to be grown which means less impact on the environment. 

My favorite workshop during the course was with the students from International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics. It was fun and interesting to discuss with people with different educational backgrounds. They gave advice how the production line of our biscuit could be more sustainable and less energy consuming. The workshop helped me to get some insight and think in a different perspective.

My diploma for the innovative idea prize

On the last day of the course we presented our product to the entire class and shared the idea of the biscuit through a video. Everyone got a chance to try other group’s products. I also tried the other products; vegan chips, shakes, and juice and they were all amazing! After a small break, my group was announced as the winner of 2018, “The Most Innovative Food Product Idea“!! Definitely, it was stressful and challenging. However I could learnt a lot and incorporate all knowledge I got from bachelor’s and first year of master’s degree. At the end it was rewarding 🙂


24 January, 2019

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  1. inezeugenia

    Grattis!! 😀

  2. tshepisokwenalehutjo

    Congratulations! Perhaps you could look into developing a product 🙂

  3. yunjeongso

    Thank you! I might be 😀

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