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How’s your new student life in Lund?

Hi there! How’s your new studetn life in Lund University? I guess that you must had a really busy orientation week, joining different kind of meetings and events, going to parties in Nations and student unions, getting to know your new classmates and corridor neighbors……Have you been adjusted to the new environment? If not, do not be worried, take your time and you will feel better soon and then you will love your life in this amazing city.

How do you think about your courses in your program since you have already started your studies? Last week,  we had our first meeting with the new master students. It was a good chance to know each other. Some of my classmates and I shared our experience with the new and we had a nice chat. It is a pity that I forgot to take a picture and I will remember that the next time.

If you have any problems and questions about your life and studies, never hesitate to contact your program ambassador and we are always there to help you. Here are some links that may be helpful to you.

Lund University Libraries:

Lund University Libraries: you can find databases, literature, e-books as well as the location and opening hours of different libraries here.

LUBSearch: A collective entry point to many of the libraries’ joint resources.

Student Life:

Student Organizations:

Sport and exercise:


Skånetrafiken (local train and buses):

SJ(national train company):

Swebus Express:



9 September, 2016

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