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How to deal with the decreasing amounts of sunlight in Sweden?

Winter is coming! Oh wait… not yet 😀
It’s just autumn but one can notice that the daily amount of sunlight decreases day by day. What to do about it?

Coffee: Imagine that you need to wake up and it’s still dark, or you need to study and it is already dark in the afternoon. Coffee can keep you awake at least for some time.

Vitamin D: Body produces this vitamin when the skin is exposed to sun and since there is not much sunlight in the winter, it could be a good idea to consider buying some vitamin D supplements. The other alternative is solarium. However, do not overuse it and ask for advise on how to use it properly in your beauty salon or gym. 

Daylight lamp: It might be beneficial, especially in the mornings when you need to get up! There are even some automatic daylight lamps that can switch on in the morning and help you to wake up.

Try to enjoy the sunlight while you can: Do some outdoor sports, go for a walk in the park! Not only you can enjoy the sunlight but also the wonderful views of Skane and breathe some fresh air. 

Try to find good things about the darkness and keep your mindset positive: You can sleep for longer, especially in the weekend. Also, the sunrise is later in the morning and the sunset is early evening, so you can both enjoy that view and improve your Instagram profile with nice pictures! Don’t forget that in summer it will be the other way around and you will enjoy a lot of sun!

Make yourself busy: Try to engage yourself in some social activities too, find a hobby… or study!

If you will feel depressed, you can always seek psychological support  at Student Health Centre of Lund University. 






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