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How (not) to procrastinate

Better weather, ongoing thesis work; two perfectly good reasons to get your mind set on procrastinating. I’d say a good way of procrastinating is going out to enjoy the weather, whenever possible. In Helsingborg, it can be really nice to visit the park at Kärnan or go to the harbour or shore called Gröningen. However, don’t plan to be there in the morning or early afternoon. Reward yourself for working hard in the morning, maybe start a bit earlier, to claim your well-deserved relaxation time in the afternoon.

Another way to enjoy the weather is to get on the ferry to Denmark. You can decide to either get off in Denmark and enjoy the city of Helsingör, or if you’re a student with less money to spend on boat tickets (like me), just stay on the boat for a while. Go to the sundeck and, if you think you’ve worked hard enough, you can enjoy a nice little drink in the sun there.

Otherwise, work harder, until you feel you’ve deserved an afternoon break! 😉

OK. Bye
– Anton

13 April, 2017

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