How much does it cost to live in Lund?

This was a question I was wondering and concerned about before I moved to Lund. The cost of living in Lund can vary depending on how frugal you want to be and in what kind of housing situation you want to live in. Living in a student corridor is approximately 4000-5000 sek a month. Living in a room outside of student housing I found to be cheaper, more in the 3500 sek per month range. These prices generally include internet and heating.

I spend approximately 300-500 sek a week on grocery shopping. The cheaper grocery stores are Willy’s and Lidl. I do not live close to either of these so I mainly shop at Coop and ICA. Something I discovered pretty quickly in Lund is that frozen food is a very big thing in Sweden and it is often a lot cheaper than buying fresh food. I found red meat like beef to be very expansive in Sweden but fish and chicken to be quite reasonable.

The cost of a night out in Lund can also vary. Expect a bottle of 700ml Vodka to cost around 200sek and a bottle of wine around 100-150 sek. Nations are the cheapest places to go out with often tap beer being served at around 30sek a pint. A night out at a “proper” bar in Lund has higher prices. A beer is approximately 50 sek at these places.

Finding a job in a place like Lund with such a high student population is not an easy thing to do. It is possible, but difficult, especially if you do not speak Swedish. Sweden is known to be a more expansive place than other parts of Europe so it is important to consider this when deciding to move.

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