How is the weather up there?

Hi everyone!

Well, the weather in Sweden, in my opinion, it’s not always that bad, but it definitely depends on where you come from and in which part of Sweden you are. It is quite sunny in the summer and the days are very long and bright. However, winter is a different story.

In the south, in the Skåne (Scania) area, where Lund is, snow falls quite rarely and even if it does, it melts pretty fast. And I think I can say that there are winds during the whole year. The day gets pretty short and there is less and less sun. It rains and it is cloudy and many people might get depressed.

To survive the winter I usually try to go out as much as possible and talk to many people and try to do different things. I also try to go to the gym often, it really helps to boost your mood. Of course, it is very recommended to take vitamin D and it’s a must for me as well. What I really like during this period is that, to brighten the mood, people are used to lighting up candles or lights in their homes, also in the cafes and all around. It is very cosy just sitting there reading a book or talking with your friends and drinking tea or a hot cup of coffee. The Christmas holidays are also in this season so it makes things a little bit better with all the decorations and lights and people are more cheerful. It’s not so bad after all!

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