How do I feel about studying Industrial Design in Lund

A lot of people asked me about how do I feel studying Industrial Design in Lund. The answer changed as time passed by.

At the beginning everything is fresh. I was quite excited and curious to everything and everyone in the first semester. It took some time to get used to new language, new culture, also new school system. Though I made some mistakes in understanding our tasks, I think the beginning was quite easy.

Then I got a bit tired of talking in English trying to make myself understood. I missed home a lot when I saw my friends made jokes on each other in Chinese. Speaking English is too formal for me. I guess it’s common among Asian students. When we learnt English from school, we only learnt how to speak properly. In school, the small courses were a bit like repeating of what I have learnt in my bachelor. Also, in my main project, I spent a lot of time on my prototypes but I didn’t really learn much out of it, which made me a bit sad and disappointed.

When it came to the third semester, everything became very challenging. I knew little about design management and the brands we were working with, therefore I spent some extra time in understanding everything. With very little knowledge about space, I had to read a lot for my star design project. After that, I got into a tough design process for that project because it was too hard to evaluate whatever I designed. Finally in the research course, I struggled a long time to find a proper topic and now I am still in pain writing essays and my final report. I guess I will get my worst results in this semester, but I learnt the most and like this semester the most.

Now I have to go back to my report writing. Happy Christmas and happy new year to everyone J

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