Housing Review (Sparta)

As a continue for the great housing posts initiative, I hope I can help new students to know more about student accommodation in Lund, I had a housing guarantee from Lund accommodation. However, I immediately signed up for AF Bostäder, and after a couple of months I moved to Sparta (I will talk about my first accommodation in a separate post).

Sparta is probably one of the most famous accommodations in Lund, the building is a bit old, you can find corridor rooms and apartments, the apartments needs a very long time in the queue to get your hands on one of them. Nonetheless, the rooms (could be furnished or unfurnished) are in a shared corridor with 11 or 12 other students, you share the kitchen and a small living area, while you will have a private bath and shower inside the room, which is around 19 sqm of area. Internet is included but you should bring your own router for wireless connection. It has a big laundry room in the basement for all Sparta building, so finding a slot is not that hard but probably you should book before a couple of days (except when booking Sundays you need more than couple of days).

The location is great, it is very close to LTH around 7mins walk (750m), just next to a supermarket (ICA) and 2 mins walk from bus station. Lund center is around 2 km away downhill from Sparta towards southwest (25 mins walk). There’s an Actic gym within the building, so you can go there without even leaving the building.

However, it must be said that it’s a great place for parties and student life, so if you are not that kind of person you will might find it noisy and you won’t enjoy waking up in the next morning and see the kitchen as in the picture below (probably in weekends only), but it also depends on your corridor if they are up to parties.

If you have more questions or in case I forgot to mention something important just shoot in the comments 🙂

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