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Housing review : Bautastenen

Firstly, since the admission period is finally done, I want to say: Congratulations to you who got accepted! And welcome to EEBD 🙂 I know that most of you will start to look for housing really soon, so here I am, sharing my housing hunting experience.

I would say that I’m lucky that I came from Indonesia, a non-EU country. This gives me a housing guarantee from LU accommodation. This means, I have a chance to apply for a housing from LU accommodation, and they have to give me a housing offer. If I accept the offer or not, it will be all on me. But you need to remember that it will be either you take it, or you leave it.

During my application with LU accommodation, we were given up to 5 choices. More details about the room types and housing areas can be seen here. One nice thing about getting an accommodation from LU accommodation is, you will get a furnished room. The internet will also be included, but some accommodation requires your own Wi-Fi router and LAN cable.

Back then, I got an offer in Bautastenen, the address is Bildstensvägen 4 A – 6 V, 226 54 Lund. It is a two-room apartment. Basically, you will share the kitchen and bathroom with another tenant, just the two of you. You will have your own (or together with your house-mate) washing machine and the tumble dry machine – which is a luxury! I attached the exterior photos of the building. Sadly, I don’t have any picture of my room from back then (and I already moved to Helsingborg now).

Bautastenen student housing exterior photos
Bike parking and courtyard in between two buildings
The second blue door from the right on the 2nd floor, that was where I lived

The neighborhood was nice, but it is a bit far to the central. If you live here, you will need a bike or a transportation card. But since I am a student in campus Helsingborg, it is actually convenient because Gunnesbo Train Station is just approximately 10 minutes away by foot from this accommodation. There is a direct train from Gunnesbo Train Station to Helsingborg Central, the train ride takes around 40 minutes, and it usually goes two times in an hour.

That’s about my housing review in Bautastenen. I will share more review about my current place in Helsingborg, stay tuned! 🙂

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