Home or Away: Dilemna for the Christmas break

“Are you going home?”, “When are you going back home?”, “Did you book your ticket?”
You might be hearing these questions several times from your friends. Surely these type of questions and your friend’s excitement of going home will make you feel nostalgic.
Don’t feel bad if you are living far away from home and cannot make a visit during this short vacation, simply because of long distance, travel expense, upcoming exam or for some other reasons. You will find so many things to do which will make your vacation enjoyable. There will be few other international students staying here in Lund like you and most often they organize some programs.
The international desk this event especially for us.
See you here 🙂
If you can, do visit the Christmas market both in Skåne and Copenhagen. Check out these links for more details about the Christmas market.
Sweden: https://www.thelocal.se/20111124/37544
Copenhagen, Denmark: http://www.visitcopenhagen.com/copenhagen/culture/christmas

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