HoMe ExAm..!

I had a course this study period called Protein Engineering. It was indeed a very interesting course about how we can manipulate a protein to get desired properties. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the lab sessions. And finally, now at the end of this course, we have a home exam. I was enthralled by the concept of it because I have never experienced one before. The conditions were kept simple, like, we get the questions on a friday and have to submit the answers within a week. We can access anything but not indulge in plagiarism. I was really confused, you can access anything??! for an exam. This was really strange. I thought may be I must mentally prepare myself well before taking up the exam.
So, last friday I got my question and I think it is challenging. Even though I can access internet or books, it really challenges my knowledge. But since we have a week’s time, it feels nice to go through the concepts, organize myself before answering the questions. The questions made me to think a lot and learn new things. I am really impressed by this concept of home exam 🙂
I know its exam time and hope all of you rock it! Good luck folks 🙂

~ Uthra

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