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So, the last weeks have been quite intense because of all the group work and exams that we did and I am glad it is over for now. I did some of my studying at Kemicentrum (KC), which is the building where we have most of our lectures and lab work for the programme in Biotechnology. Anyway, there are a lot of places to study there and even though it was exam week, the place was crowded! The atmosphere is nice, you can meet with friends, do group work and even get a free coffee from the student union! On the pictures below you can see some of the possible places for studying :).


One thing that was very new to me was that for one of the courses we got to write a home exam. This was the first time I encountered the way of writing and got a bit worried on how it may look like. It turned out to be very interesting and insightful. We got the exam and had some time to work on it (like a week). It involved a lot of literature searching, going in-depth in few topics, but a nice way to read some more things besides the classic lectures and practise critical thinking.

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