Holidays with Swedish family.

As mentioned in my last post this post will be about Swedish hospitality. When you are far from home the behaviour and affection you get from people around you keeps you going. Seeing so many people leaving to spend summer at home made me feel a little homesick but I had plans for summer one of which was to visit my Swedish friend Michael in his hometown Kode (a small place near Gothenburg). This turned out to be one of the best time I had in Sweden. I met his family, they were very welcoming and very sweet. I spent 6 days at their house and they were always excited and want me to do new things. Michael’s mom and sister are horse trainer they taught me horse riding. Although they don’t speak much English, they were always very interested in knowing about India, my family, culture etc. I learned how to drive a boat and many things about Swedish culture and families. Also if you plan to visit Gothenburg you should not miss Liseberg (Sweden’s best amusement park). Here are some photographs from my trip.


Resting place after 30 Km of Mountain Biking

Learning to ride a boat

Helene teaching me riding a horse.

A beautiful boat

What I learned from this trip is that hospitality in Sweden is no different than my country. The trip was just like visiting home away from home.
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