Hello from Energy-efficient and Environmental Building Design!

Congratulations and welcome to all new EEBD students!

I’m Inez and I’m a current student in EEBD course. You are welcome to ask me anything related to the course if you are curious about it, you can send me an e-mail to ambassador_eebd@lth.lu.se. Also, stories about being an international student in Lund University will be shared eventually by me and other program ambassadors, so stay tune!

Welcoming the new semester, it must be exciting to meet new friends, new environment, and also adapting to new culture. I hope you will enjoy your stay both in EEBD course and in Sweden.

If you are going to come to Sweden early, you should enjoy the summer here while it lasts! Summer in Sweden is awesome and doing outdoor activities during this time is a must. Respect the sun before it’s too late! This is a sneak-peak of stadsparken (city park) in Helsingborg and also pretty houses in Lund. I hope you will get the chance to enjoy the scenery!

City park in Helsingborg during summer

Helsingborg’s city library which is located at the stadsparken

Beautiful alley in Lund

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