Happy Kannelbullens dag!

In case you didn’t know, kannelbulle is a cinnamon bun. Yes, cinnamon buns! …And yes, in Sweden there is a whole day dedicated to them – the 4th of October! 🙂 How about that?

Cinnamon buns are something very special in Sweden, they are adored by a lot of people and a traditional pastry to be served at fika. This Swedish word ‘fika’ is also special and unique. Fika means taking a break and drinking a coffee/tea with some pastry while taking some time for yourself or hanging around with your friends. Well in the spirit of Kannelbullens dag, I decided to learn the recipe and make some. It was a fun experience!

Even with all the projects going on currently, there is always time for fika!

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  1. <3 wooow they look delicious <3

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