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Half way through – short holidays!

Around our mid critique I decided to take a short break and forget about the project for few days. Taking adventage of early spring and low prices (it’s still out of season or even “winter” time) we decided to go to beautiful Ibiza. Out of season you can easily find great accommodation through airbnb for 20€ per person! In a place well know for being as overpriced as Ibiza – budgeting can be a challenge. Come prepared, find affordable restaurants ahead, prepare your food at home, rent a scooter and don’t be affraid of local public transport.

All days on a scooter, exploring little and cosy villages really freed my mind. After the trip I feel refreshed, a bit sun tanned and ready to work again. So when you work hard, don’t forget to find some time just for yourself 🙂 Definitely reccommended!

The colour of the sea is amazing there!


8 April, 2017

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