Half way there

I see that a lot of posts are about the master thesis now. So I’ll try to blend in a bit. I’ve been working on my thesis for almost 2 months now, and there’s about 2 months left as well. Knowing this, and knowing how much more work I’ve got left, makes me both a little anxious and excited. Most if it is excitement though. I love working on the project, which is a good thing.

I’m actually more anxious about what lies ahead after I’ve finished. I’m not bound to anything, which makes it really unsure if I will stay in Sweden or move back to the Netherlands, or even move to another country. Hopefully I will get some opportunities in the coming months to settle my future.

On the positive side, there’s luckily enough space for some distractions! Like I said in my previous post, I’m following Melodifestivalen closely (next week are the finals!). And I’ve still got time to go dancing every week. Last week my closest friend from the Netherlands came to visit, which was great fun. And hopefully in the coming period I can do more things like that, so that every day I have a refreshed focus on the project.

I have no idea if you guys have any fun reading this, but at least for me it’s good to write a little about how my life is, now that the end of the studies is getting closer.

OK. Bye.

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