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Half time presentations and good look Vildanden

So  I had my half time presentation about a week ago.I thought I would give you feedback soon afterwards but three has been so much to fix now in the Thesis and time seems to be flying away!

The presentations themselves were quite OK as we got positive feedback form the examiner and supervisor.However ,we are running slightly behind schedule to be done with our findings by the end of April.So we are kinda working in over drive mode.I wish we had taken some pictures of the session but we got so involved in the discussions.

Meanwhile I got back to Sweden 10 days ago.The weather is great.Much better than I expected.On top of this major renovations have been taking place at Vildanden my place of residence and now with the clear weather you can  see how beautiful the outbuildings are.I have shared some pics  and for those of you planning to stay in Vildanden i think you will really like the look now.



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