Gym and sport in Lund

Maybe some of you still didn’t start with new year’s fitness resolutions, maybe some are getting nervous about getting into your favourite swimming suit or just looking for a place to let some steam off after stressful school day and projects.

Lund offers quite a few places where you can do sports.

If you don’t plan to workout too regularly the cheapest option may be to join activities offered by nations. Some of them have sport activities at some days of the week.

For students living in student houses like Sparta and Delphi – Actic can be the perfect choice as they offer special discount for residents of these accommodations. You can visit the website: Actic but the easiest would be to visit the gym itself and get all the info. It is also possible to get a free trial day.

Another option is Gerdahallen. As I don’t have experience with them – I will just send you to the official webpage:

My favourite gym though is Fitness24Seven which has several lovations in the city. For 199sek you get access to all locations, also in few different countries (Poland, Norway, Finland), big choice of classes with booking through mobile app system and of course – as the name indicates – 24/7 access to all locations.


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