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Group Work – An essential part of Swedish Education Culture

Hej Hej Hej,

Welcome and Congratulations to one and all who have started their education at the prestigious Lund University! The choice you made of choosing Sweden and Lund for career prospect is one of the best choices you have made. So keep calm and let the ride begin.

Since Lund University’s student portfolio comprises a a copious number of students with varied nationality, culture and specially educational background and upbringing, it is important to highlight how Swedish Education System might differ from these different backgrounds. 

I have completed by Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from India, and I am very well cognisant of the kind of education system that exists there. But when I came to Sweden, my whole perspective towards education system changed for better. The major difference which I pin pointed was related to how Swedish Education System tends to build teamwork along with bridging the gap between theory & practice and one of the major ways through which it accomplishes the same is GROUP WORK. The basic essence to group is work is to learn together, apply constructive criticism to improve together and ultimately find solutions to problems together. This is important because seldom in the real world would you notice anything happening individually. Everything which exists today is a result of at-least two people collaborating, sharing resources, knowledge, focus and commitment. The Swedish Education system thus takes care of this basic fact and enables the students to learn cooperation which is a critical requirement for anybody to make a career ahead.

For instance, my Masters programme has from day one focussed on providing students with complex problems and allow solving those problems by taking help of each other in a group. We have spent hours and hours of our time trying to figure out the solution which in comparison would have been not that fun or informative if it were an individual work assignment. What I essentially feel is that, group work makes your learning curve exponentially rise because it gives you an experience, a mind-map regarding what you have gone through to solve the process which enables you to remember the concepts and theories more thoroughly. Moreover, you get to know more people and tend to form friends for life a. Group work provides a benchmark to where you stand and fosters a ‘move-ahead’ thinking in your mind.

Having said that, enjoy your days in Sweden and live through its experience because I bet you that you are never gonna experience anything close to this again. Hope this post boosts up your confidence and bolsters your decision to come to Lund. Thank you for reading!

Until Next Time, Bye Bye!

Palash Maru



29 September, 2019

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