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Greetings from your new DRMCCA Ambassador!

Hello everyone! 

My name is Mar Morales and I will be this year’s Ambassador for the Master Programme in Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation (DRMCCA)

I am super excited to be able to share my experience with you! throughout this coming year I will be available through the email: to answer all of your questions.

This very first post I would like to introduce myself and tell you about the reasons why I chose to study DRMCCA. 

As I said, my name is Mar Morales and I am originally from Mexico. As a bachelor’s I studied International Relations because I was curious to understand more about the complexity of the world that we live in. Upon finishing my bachelor’s, back in 2017, I felt the need to gain more precise and specialized knowledge on some of the today’s more pressing problems, so I started looking for Master programmes.

My search for world class international programs lead me to Lund University and, eventually, to the DRMCCA programme. The more I read about the programme the more I wanted to be part of it.

On the one hand, despite being part of the Faculty of Engineering, the programme consists of people from a wide range of backgrounds, including an Internationalist like myself.  One year into the program I can say that this multidisciplinarity has come through during all our group works and discussions and it is deeply enriching!

The program also deals with some of the most critical issues nowadays: climate change and its impacts on societies. This was one of the strongest reasons I had to dive head on into the application for the program and I can truly say I don’t regret it! All throughout, a critical mindset has been encouraged and students have the opportunity to dig deeper into those subjects that they are more interested in. 

Last but not least, as part of Lund University the DRMCCA programme comes with world class renown and with lots of supporting  structures for students. Additionally, the members of the Division of Risk Management and Societal Safety at LTH are greatly recognized researchers and practitioners with a wealth of knowledge and experience, which greatly adds to all the learning opportunities!

As you can see I am super happy and grateful to be part of the DRMCCA programme! Through this upcoming year I will try to tell you more about my life as an International student in Lund and as part of the programme itself! Stay tuned!  

28 June, 2019

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