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Glad Midsommar!

Hey hey! On Friday 23rd June it was Midsummer in Sweden, and so I thought I’d let you know how some friends and I celebrated. Five international students from my class (including me) were invited to a Swedish friend’s place in Lomma, a seaside town between Lund and Malmö that is best known for its beach. Through the day others went to see the maypole dancing at Kulturen in Lund but I had missed that, so I’m still not sure what it was like – there’s always next year!

As is typical, the weather was changeable and it rained upon arrival in Lomma. There were roughly 15 of us in total, and the idea was that everyone bring a dish, or a side, or a dessert or something to contribute. The end variety was pretty amazing, including lots of fish dishes (typical cuisine it seems, salmon and herring) with the sprinkled addition of some far-flung flavours. Before the dinner, we went to pick flowers to make crowns, and I was told a story of a tradition of picking 7 different flowers and hopping 7 different fences on Midsummer in order to have a dream of who you will marry (I failed). Either way, with crowns made and kubb played dinner commenced.

Dinner was at one long table in an outdoor greenhouse, beautifully and simply decorated for the occasion, and with a plentiful supply of Snaps and Gammel Dansk and a few songs too. The food and company were excellent. This was followed by more games, dessert and drinks before a “traditional” midnight trip to the waterfront to take a dip – the weather wasn’t great and the sea was rough so I did not do so but friends claimed the water wasn’t as cold as the air. The night ended, as most outside of Lund do, on a post-2am bus. All in all it was a great day… not that I have any frame of reference for Midsummer. I look forward to my next!

Joe x

1 July, 2017

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