General Concerns

Hello everyone

Congrats for all of you and Welcome to Lund University.

I have received several emails inquiring about the courses and wether the loads of the courses are heavy or not.

Very soon alot of information will be provided for you about the courses You will have in your first semester and second one, after you arrive here, you will have a meeting with your program coordinator where they will explain more about each course. But even before that, before you arrive here information will be sent to you about your first compulsory courses here just to give you a clue of what you should expect. Some courses change from one year to the othere.

As for the load of the courses It is all manageable if one has a good time management, and for the assignments most of them are carried out in groups in order to build communication skills and benefit from the international atmosphere.

Many students are able to manage both their studies and a part time job, it all depends on you and how organized you are and the courses you are having in that period.

Hope this is helpful

Bye till next time


Picture: the spring is here in Sweden


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