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Food in Nations

Having no classes at school means more chances to have lunch in one of the nations. Now that I can start from A-building (or wherever I work on my thesis) earlier I can make it for one of those nations downtown. Here’s why I love it so much.

It’s cheap (30-35 kr) and tastes good.It’s easy, it saves time – you don’t have to cook and think about your lunchbox.

It’s always different, you don’t get bored of the same food every week.

It’s light, no way you overeat 😉

Keep in mind is that the food is limited so it might be finished if you come late. Also, not all the nations have lunch every day, it’s good to check on facebook.

Another thing I highly recommend is the brunch. Either on Saturday or Sunday, it makes a perfect late breakfast. Brunch is served with a lot of food and various drinks. The atmosphere is very relaxing, and the whole thing is definitely worth trying!

Bon appetit!

5 February, 2018

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