First weeks Thesis Project TetraPak

Time flies and I am now already in my fifth week of my Master thesis project. It is in cooperation with TetraPak which means that I have to cycle 2-3 times a week trough whole Lund to do my experiments there.

Since the work is confidential I cannot talk too much about its content but as you can see I am dealing with some tomato juices.

As you can imagine, doing the experiments is only a small piece of my project. The most time consuming parts are analyzing all the samples and evaluating the data.  Although most of the needed analytical instruments are in the university, I usually do the computer work in one of the open offices in TetraPak.

I like to work there because each desk comes with big screens which is pretty useful when I have to deal with a lot of excel files.

Another important part of a projects are breaks to recover from the work, so the next time I will probably write something what you can do around Lund.



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