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Finding the thesis work in a company-Tips for EEE students

Hello again! It has been a long time when I posted my last blog, for the last two months, I was occupied working on my Master’s Thesis. In this blog, I’m glad to share my own experience in finding a thesis job in a company.

Many students finish their Master’s Theis in a company, since it is a great help in gaining some working experience and also a great opportunity to get a job later on. There are already many posts on how to find the thesis and where to find it. While there are some tips that might not be stressed but I think it might worth pointing out. 

The first thing is — Timing! You might remember that timing is a rather important factor in hardware design. It does so when you finding a thesis job. Based on my friends and my own experience, the positions will be posted out starting from September every year and burst in October and November. (It just matches the timeline for most students that intend to finish their studies in June.) From this point, you might need to prepare the application materials before this time. Also, don’t forget to frequently check the websites(Glassdoor, LinkedIn) and companies’ official websites(Ericsson, Axis, Sony, and so on…)

The comes to the subjects. The two main tracks in our program, analog and digital, you might have a preference and chose one in the IC project. Many of you might want to continue the same track in the thesis, which makes sense since it helps for finding a job after graduation. But the truth is that there are limited positions available in analog track. If you insist on doing your thesis in a company, it can be very difficult. I have known many people that work in different track in thesis and job, it really doesn’t that matter if you just want to gain some work experience through the thesis. 

Last but not least, getting the information in any aspects! Talk to the senior students, ask their suggestions, and they know much more information about the job market. They can be willing to share with the lastest on-hiring companies they know in the related area. Also, you might be a compete with your classmates, but it’s good to share news with each other.

Feel free to discuss with me and welcome comments:)

Take care!


21 March, 2021

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