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Finding and undertaking master thesis at companies

Hello all!

Hope you are doing great. Today I am going to share my experiences about writing the final year project or master thesis at LTH. To begin with, the master’s program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management provides a platform to write your master thesis in collaboration with industries. It is a great way to build contacts in industries and implement your knowledge and skills into practice. The search for a master thesis is an important step, and a proactive approach is the best way to find a thesis opportunity at companies. A lot of ads are published on LinkedIn and on company websites which is a good way to find a thesis. Moreover, there is an official website at LTH where the ads for the thesis are posted and the applications could be sent to the recruiters. Talking to your professors and seeking their guidance is also an approach that is followed generally. They can direct you to the right contact person at companies and you can always share your thesis proposals and CV.

Once you have found your thesis opportunity it’s very important to choose the right methodological approach to conduct your research. Always make sure to discuss your research approach with your supervisors. It’s a key to achieve successful results. Always think about obtaining results that can contribute both to the academia and the company as well with which you are writing your thesis. Analysis and trustworthiness are other important aspect of your thesis. The deeper the analysis done for your thesis the more acceptable and trustworthy would be your results.

From my experience, it is always good to get a thesis opportunity in the industry. It helps you to get the right industrial exposure and build contacts at the company. Writing a thesis is an integral part of the master’s degree and would like to share some tips and tricks from my experience to getting an opportunity to pursue a thesis at a company:

  1. Always be proactive in searching for the right thesis opportunities.
  2. Start early on for finding the right opportunity. Starting in September is a good approach.
  3. Choose your interest wisely and make interesting industry-specific thesis proposals. It is generally appreciated by industry professionals.
  4. Keep checking the relevant links and thesis add postings. LinkedIn comes in handy.
  5. Always interact with your professors. Let them know your interest and feel free to ask their supervision 😊
  6. Make crisp and clear motivation letter and CV. It is the best way to make your first impression.

Hope this blog helps you all and feel free to add comments below in case you have any further questions 😊

21 March, 2021

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