Finally Feeling Like Spring

Spring has technically been around for a while now, and there have been signs of spring, however today is probably one of the first days where it truly feels like spring. I didn’t even have to wear a coat when biking. You can actually feel heat from the sun, and the sky is perfectly blue. People are eating lunch outside now days. If you are downtown, there these benches in one of the plazas that is filled with people soaking up the sun.

With spring also comes the end of the semester. Our Climate Smart Architecture class ended, and so now we are just working on finishing up our final projects. Except for Wednesday, when we have a tutorials slots, we have the entire days to work on our projects. Which is actually really nice, because our final projects are due on the 17th of May. However, on nice days like this, it is extremely tempting to want to go outside.

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