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Final presentations are OVER


As I said before, this past month was definitely interesting and passed by waaaaay too fast.

I can’t believe we are already done with the final presentations; it seems like only last semester we were listening to the thesis presentations of the year above us and somehow most of my friends and I have presented their thesis. Even though it was very important, and it did felt like a very big step, there are still certain things we need to do before its official that we are done with the semester/master.

In two weeks, we need to hand in the final booklet that will later on be printed and that we will upload into the university’s system and write an opposition for another thesis project that was presented in the past days. Still, it feels like little work compared to everything else we have produced.

Tomorrow we planned a party to celebrate and next week we have the Graduation Ceremony.

I can’t wait

23 May, 2019

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