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Field trip to Oatly

I have been to several field trips to world famous food companies and the most interesting trip was to Oatly! As Oatly has been one of my favorite plant milks ever since I came to Sweden, I was very excited. 

Oatly drinks [From Oatly website]

For those who haven’t heard about the company, Oatly is a Swedish food company producing oat based food products. They give great alternatives for everyone. As they try to turn oats into milk, cream, spread, and ice cream formulation, they are in need of food scientists. During “food technology and formulation” and “surface and colloid chemistry”, I’ve learned, in brief, technical properties of food ingredients and colloidal interactions between food particles, which are the needed knowledge to develop this kind of products. In this trip I could see whole production line of Oatly, which helped me to apply my learning to the industrial scale. The most fun part of this field trip, of course, was tasting Oatly products such as oat-milk, oat-yogurt (oatgurt), oat-cream, oat-spread and oat matcha latte. I hope one day I can also develop food products that offer environment friendly, health benefiting, and tasty alternatives! 

6 March, 2019

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