Festive Mode On!!!!!!

Aaaand the countdown begins !! 
To everything !! 
To Christmas !!
To the end of a wonderful 2018 !!
To the beginning of the new 2019 !! 
It’s getting darker earlier every day, we just want to stay inside and be cozy with some hot tea and a movie, but university work is calling. 
We are currently working on a lab project in wireless communication in which we transmit an image over an audio channel. Pretty crazy if you think about it, 
but it’s very rewarding to see project results, especially if you can literally see them. #TheStruggleIsReal 
BUT hard work deserves some relaxation. 
Last week, some corridor mates and I gathered together and made a gingerbread house. I never made one before. 
It’s always fun to explore and share new cultures and traditions.
We bought some pre-made pepperkaka dough from ICA, rolled it out, cut and baked it.
We then proceeded to make some caramel sauce to assemble and keep it all together, all while listening to christmas songs. 
We put some lights in the house and decorated it with icing. 
Can you guess what building we built ??

Ginger Bread House

Answer: Lund University Library !!

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