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Fall in Lund,from sunshine to darkness

So it has been an interesting reading period, busy as expected for the First year and Second year alike. But outside of class, the atmosphere has been great! Well at least until of late…..

The air was filled with the sweet smell of apples and pears and one could not help but notice them almost everywhere you went. If you were lucky, you could have even picked a sweet apple or pear.

Classroom business went about quite interestingly, with the demanding warehousing course being the centre of attraction. But as you will see in one of snapshot above, an SI session in process, logisticians and supply chain managers in training, bringing our heads together to solve different warehousing problems.

And then a few days ago .,I got to capture the last sunny morning on Sunday.Since then the sun hasn’t been upĀ  so much and I am now preparing for the long darkness that is coming.

As the leaves fall and darkness creeps in, I will miss the apples and the sun. Time to get my old friends out of the wardrobe, the scarf, the gloves and the leg warmers. Do not forget yours too. But yes we will cheer up, with a lot of activities, starting with LTH dinner in a few weeks time, lined up and the second reading period already a few days nearby……

30 October, 2018

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