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Easter in Sweden

Here comes the long weekend for Easter!
Many people plan their mini-break here, but I preferred to stay home and relax. So here is how Sweden generally celebrates Easter.

Easter here is called påsk pronounced ”poh-sk”. There are only quite a few who celebrate Easter here and most of them attend the church services.

So today is called långfredag and it means ”Long Friday”. To me, this seems more appropriate than the English name, Good Friday, at least in a Christian perspective.

Then tomorrow comes påskafton means just that: Easter Eve.

Påskdagen is, of course, Easter Sunday.

Interestingly, Swedes also celebrate Annandag Påsk (Easter Monday) which translates to ”the second day of Easter”.

So when in Sweden you actually get a long holiday for Easter. Anyways, I wish you all a Happy Easter and an awesome weekend ahead!

19 April, 2019

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  1. Francesca

    Great blog post. It’s interesting that it’s called Long Friday in Sweden instead of Good Friday. Easter Monday is also celebrated in the UK!

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