Easter in Italy and San Marino

Hi everyone!

So after working with my thesis for a very long time I realised that a break was necessary. So I packed my bag and took a last minute flight to Italy. It was the best decision I have made in a very long time. I came back from my trip with a whole new level of energy that was needed to finish this thesis.

As you may know we celebrite Easter  in Sweden but I would say that in Italy they celebrate it even more. Everywhere I went there were big beautifully decorated chocolate eggs with unknown surprises.

In 12 days I visited 10 diffrent places and cities in Italy. I was on the top of Duomo in Milano and shopped alot of the Italian fashion, I enjoyed Venezia from my gondola, walked through beautiful Firenze, saw the tilted building in Pisa, ate pizza in Fidenza, skied in Cimone (the Alps), ate prosciutto and parmigiano in Parma, visited the Ferrari museum in Modena, ate bolognese in Bologna and visited the castle and the torture museum in San Marino. Below you find pictures of the diffrent places.

XOXO Aleksandra Milkova EEBD


Modena, me with a big chocolate egg

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