Early Reunion

At this time, in the second year of master program, most students are working on their theses either in a company or at the university. I remember when we were looking forward for this moment and chatting about rumors we heard from senior students, about big name companies if they are offering thesis and what are the topics. And now, thankfully most of students have found some great opportunities in various companies or at the university, inside or outside Lund.

However, this had a disadvantage that we never thought of, which is, there are no more classes, no more hanging out and sharing the same pressure and fun with our classmates. With everyone busy we had to make a voting regarding the place and time to arrange an early reunion, because we thought we really needed one, even with that some people could not make it.

The reunion was great and encouraged me to write this post for one reason, to tell first year students to enjoy every moment with their colleagues, because you become close friends really quick but you will only spend few time together. In other words just “Enjoy”

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