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Copenhagen Study Trip

Greetings to you and to the arrival of autumn!

We are a few weeks into term and my studies as the cold winds, are picking up speed. In the midst of lengthy literature readings, course work and research, there are regular fun course-related activities we always look forward to. Some might be site visits or open conferences, but on this occasion, I am talking about study trips!

As part of my elective course named Human Environmental Frames, we spent a day in different parts of Copenhagen. Our first stop was to the Villum Window Collection. It was great to hear an Art Historian talk us through the entire exhibition and leave us to explore on our own afterwards. It is in places like this that I really appreciate the development of design through time.

Villum Window Collection, Copenhagen Study Trip

The second destination and my personal highlight, was Thorvaldsens Museum. It is the oldest museum in Denmark and as such, the building is as much of an artefact as the objects it exhibits. This tour shed some light over the life of the sculptor, the methodology used in Thorvaldsens work, where he found inspiration and how all that is reflected into the architecture. As Lund and Malmo are only a 30-40 minute train ride away, I recommend you find an opportunity to go visit it!

Thorvaldsens Museum, Interior
Thorvaldsens Museum, Sculture










Our discussions about lighting, colour and perception from the study trip was brought back into class in the following lessons in the A-building. The picture below might offer a clue as to what we were up to.

By me.
25 September, 2018

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