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Choosing courses; have a look also at other Programmes

As we know arrived the new students arrive already a week ago, but now it is slowely the time that everybody is coming back to Lund as classes will start next week.

It is always excited to start with new lectures and work together with people from everywhere in different group works, but for that you have to choose your courses wisely. Also if the first year students don’t have to choose their courses for the first period, they will have to do it for every following term. This is why I decided to write this post and remind everybody, that not only courses suggested by the own programme can be taken, but also other courses within LTH that actually belong to other programmes and deparatments. You only have to get the permission of your programme coordinator, that the course you would like to take fits into your programme. This is why I am able to take a course in Packaging Technology and Development held by the Design Faculty, as it is as well interesting for my Programme in Food Technology and Nutrition.

So keep your eyes open for interesting courses and take this great opportunity that LTH gives us here to take courses in different fields and to be able to work with people with different backgrounds.


24 August, 2016

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  1. Helene von Wachenfelt

    Thank you for an insiring post.
    I would just like to ad that some programmes might be more flexible than others when it comes to including courses that are not on the course list in the degree and that the student allwas has to make a formal application:

  2. annatelfser

    Thank you for this addition Helene. You are right, I should not generalize this to all the Programmes, and as you said the Programme coordinator always has to approve your wish of taking some courses that do not belong to your Programme.

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