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New beginnings!

Wrapping up the academic year and for me, wrapping up my academic career (for now) has been a bittersweet journey. The corridors have started getting emptier and graduation halls are filling up. It all seems slightly disheartening but equally exciting. This past weekend I moved from my precious room in the centre to an area in the north. My travelling … Continue reading

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LaTeX – your companion for your reports.

For those of you who have gone through the lab manual and reports from previous years, have you ever wondered how they are so stylized and rich in formatting with all kinds of weird equations and symbols. It is because almost all of them are made in LateX. It is a great platform for writing scientific documents. And being engineers … Continue reading

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Books EEE program

I would advice all the new comers to buy course literature especially the Digital IC design and Analog IC design textbooks from the home country as the books are quite expensive here. These books in particular as the exams for them have open book tests and are a great reference throughout the masters program covering the basics in depth.  As … Continue reading

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Graduation day!

Hej everyone! So we had our graduation day two days back on the 29th of May. Though I am yet to finish my thesis, LTH lets you partake in this ceremony since we are international students.  It was an awesome experience and was nice to see our international coordinators there to congratulate us on the two years of hard work … Continue reading

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Another exam period approaches ending

Hi everyone! It is inevitable that as fast as time goes another exam period is coming to an end. For many people that started their master programme at the same time as me this means that it’s time to start designing a life project, this is looking for jobs, continuing studying, taking a gap year, get entrepreneurial or whatever your … Continue reading

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So last week a few of my friends and myself had the unique opportunity to take part in the global finals for the Supply Chain Management Students in Although we came far short of claiming the golden prize of 10000EURO ,we were pleased to take some time off the Master Thesis Pressures and at the same time build a network … Continue reading

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Where to yoga in Lund?

I believe everyone has their own way to relieve stress. I have done yoga for more than 5 years. Yoga helps me to clean my mind and be in top shape. As I love yoga, I’ve tried yoga in many different places in Lund. For those who want to study in Lund and also look for some places to practice … Continue reading

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Half time presentations and good look Vildanden

So  I had my half time presentation about a week ago.I thought I would give you feedback soon afterwards but three has been so much to fix now in the Thesis and time seems to be flying away! The presentations themselves were quite OK as we got positive feedback form the examiner and supervisor.However ,we are running slightly behind schedule … Continue reading

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Easter in Sweden

Here comes the long weekend for Easter! Many people plan their mini-break here, but I preferred to stay home and relax. So here is how Sweden generally celebrates Easter. Easter here is called påsk pronounced ”poh-sk”. There are only quite a few who celebrate Easter here and most of them attend the church services. So today is called långfredag and … Continue reading

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One month to go before final presentations

Hej hej! In exactly one month we will have our final presentations and because of this, we are all going into full work mode on and trying very hard to not grow tired of the projects we have been working on for the past months. It can be challenging but there are so many different things to do that it … Continue reading

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