Career Opportunities in Sweden – Internship/Job with Startups!

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Sometimes it might be difficult to get an internship/job right after finishing your degree! One of my best tips is to look for “graduate programs” where companies look for fresh graduates. However, this is quite competitive and most of the time the places are not plenty. Some other good option to my cognition is to look for internships/jobs within “startup companies”. In Sweden, we own rather a lot of “startups” and most of the time they look for people to work for them. If you are passionate enough in a particular field the startup is working with, visit their webpage for opportunities. You can as well write them if you have any idea which you want to work with under their name/using their facilities. You can also talk to your project/thesis supervisor for opportunities in the field you are interested to work with as you might find them involved with start-up companies.

“Malmö Startups” is an organization/community which acts as a platform to unite startup companies and there you will get most of the job/internship opportunities posted by different startups.


I will write one more post about “Career Opportunities in Sweden”. Stay tuned  🙂

~Mohammad Abu Mursalin Sajib

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