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Career Opportunities in Sweden – Entrepreneurship!

If you have an idea which you want to transform into a successful business enterprise, then why not give it a try to start your own company! This might sound crazy, but this is really exciting to start your own company.

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In Sweden, you will get lots of help from different organizations and even from the academia as well if you are planning to start a start-up company. It is really helpful to talk to researchers/professors working in the same area and discuss about the possibilities of your idea. Then, you can register your company and start applying for funds. There are some organizations (mentioned below) which help startups regarding this issue. Even there are scholarships available from an organization called “Leapfrogs” where they provide scholarships for a period of 3 months so that you can work with your idea during the summer and check the possibilities to go further. Also, you will get the opportunity to use research/lab facilities, both from academia and from these organizations.

Here are some useful links which will give you a clearer idea about this.

LU Innovation (

Leapfrogs (

Venture Lab (

Business incubators (

Entrepreneur Magazine (to read some success stories and get inspiration) (

~Mohammad Abu Mursalin Sajib

15 May, 2016

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  1. Aliyu mohammed Ibrahim

    would love to visit sweden being a great country.i studied entreprenurship.

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