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Hey guys,

My post today is directed to our future electronic engineering students.

If you decide to join us in this crazy adventure (crazy is the word since you will feel you’re going out of your mind sometimes, but it is worth it… least so I’ve heard ;D) , you will spend a lot of hours, daily, in the Cadence Lab room.

Located on the second floor of the E-building, Cadence lab is where we, embedded systems students, have lab sessions on Digital and Analog IC design, AD-DA converters as well as the IC project.

For now, the number of habitants/m² (people that basically live in the lab) is still low, so far we only have some tourists that come by to visit during obligatory lab sessions. This rate tends to increase once the spring semester kicks in and the IC projects begin. By this time, the competition over free computers begin.

Believe me, the struggle is real. Some simulations take quite a long time to run, so it may happen that you leave it working overnight and when you get there in the morning…. someone has “stolen” your computer. So here goes some techniques proven useful in the past:

– taking turns with your partner so someone is always there holding the spot;

– leaving a note saying “Do not restart, simulation running” (this may work a couple of times, but it is not 100% guaranteed);

– beg your friends that are staying in the lab to protect your spot :).

Some people even eat lunch in the lab (which is not the best to your colleagues when you bring food with strong smell), so it almost feels like home ^^.


But cheer up guys, you won’t be the only one stuck in there! Take a break, enjoy a fika, and #keepworking.



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