Brunch time!

How good is brunch ?

One of the perks of leaving in a town with a different coffee house in every corner, is that most of them offer brunch meals on the weekends. Does it get any better? (Spoiler alert: yes it does!)

You may have heard that Lund University is quite famous for its student life/events, which is mostly due to the …. (drum roll) NATIONS! And some of them also offer brunch.

The prices are quite affordable, cheaper than going to the restaurants in the city center. And you have many options for all diet preferences such as vegan brunch( Wermlands nation), or even get some exercise done with yoga followed by brunch (Helsinkrona nation), or maybe an American breakfast brunch (Västgöta nation) and so on.

Needless to say you get to try a new one every weekend.



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